Japanese Spouse visa for international married couples living overseas to live in Japan 

If an international married couple  living overseas moves to Japan, the foreign husband (wife) will need to obtain a visa to live in Japan (Japanese spouse visa).

If you and your spouse are both living overseas, there are some things to keep in mind when applying for this visa.
Although there are some changes in the examination trends and examination periods of examination authorities, the general situation is as follows.

Procedures on the Japanese side



Requirements for obtaining a spouse visa [if both husband and wife reside overseas]

If an internationally married couple wants to live in Japan from now on, they will need to obtain a residence status of “Spouse of Japanese National(spouse visa).”

There are several conditions in order to obtain a spouse visa.

Marriage certificates from Japan and the other country will be issued.

When applying for a spouse visa, marriage certificates from Japan and the other country are required.

Please obtain a marriage certificate from the other country, which will be issued at the city hall, etc. of the other country. In principle, a document issued within the last three months is required, but if it is difficult to obtain one, an older document may be accepted through negotiation with the examining authority.

Have stable income or assets

In principle, one spouse must have a regular job or have sufficient assets to support the spouse.

If you have not yet decided where to work in Japan

If both spouses have not decided on jobs in Japan, the applicant will be comprehensively examined, including the amount of savings and deposits and prospects for employment in Japan.

In our experience, if you receive professional support and take appropriate measures, you will receive permission. Also, most people can take precautions.

Process for obtaining a spouse visa

  1. Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in Japan while the couple is overseas.
  2. Apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy in the country you currently live in (usually takes about a week.
  3. Coming to Japan. A spouse visa will be issued at the airport upon arrival in Japan.

Required documents for spouse visa (example)

The documents to be submitted vary depending on the circumstances of the couple.
Generally, the following is required:

Please note that submitting all of the information below does not guarantee approval.

  • Copy of Passport
  • ID photo (taken within 3 months. 4 x 3 cm)
  • Marriage certificate issued in the foreigner’s home country
  • Documents proving income (certificate of employment, tax payment certificate, etc.)
  • Photos from dating, weddings, etc.
  • 戸籍謄本
  • 住民票(日本在住の親族の住民票でもOK)
  • 日本在住の親族の住民票
  • 日本移住後の生計に関する説明書、根拠書類(※)
  • その他、ご夫婦の状況に応じた説明書類、証拠書類

Flow from consultation to visa acquisition

1.Initial consultation

On ZOOM, we will discuss the possibility of obtaining a visa and the direction in which it will be taken.

1.Apply for service

Please transfer the fee. Credit card payment is also possible.

2.Information on required documents

Our office will guide you through the necessary documents depending on your couple’s situation.

Please contact us when you have the above documents.

3.Preparation of application documents, translation, etc. (our office will do it)

Our office will prepare application documents and various explanatory documents.

4.Negotiation and application at the Immigration Bureau (our office will do it)

Our office will handle preliminary negotiations and apply on your behalf at the Immigration Bureau.

5.Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility (electronic version)

The Certificate of Eligibility will be sent to our office by email from the Immigration Bureau.

6.Procedures at the Japanese consulate (visa center) in your country

Please apply for a visa at the Japanese consulate in your country of residence. It’s usually a simple procedure. There may also be a brief telephone interview. We will also tell you some things to keep in mind at this time.

7.Enter Japan

Our office will support you until you enter Japan.

Information about our office’s services

<What is included in the service>

  • Preparation of application document
  • Translation of documents written in a foreign language (e.g. marriage certificate)
  • Negotiations with Immigration Bureau
  • Receipt of Certificate of Residence (Permit)
  • Visa application support at the Japanese consulate in your home country

<What the customer must do>

  • Confirmation and signature of the set of documents created by our office
  • Preparing marriage certificates, ID photos, family photos, etc. in your home country


Spouse visa acquisition agency service 140,000yen +tax
Acquisition of family register/residence certificate (including fees paid to government offices) 20,000 yen

<method of payment>

Bank transfer or credit card

<Payment period>

Within 1 week after application